Baltimore Evening Sun (12 March 1914): 6.


The Bohemian thrust Osteopathy Chiropractic Bonesetting Mechano-therapy Physcultopathy Physical culture Golf The tango

Similia similibus curantur Vegetarianism Kneippism Somnopathology The madstone Physiomedicalism Quackery Eclecticism Vibration Biochemistry Deep breathing Fletcherism Friedmannism Anti-vaccination Medicated underwear Medical freedom

Astrology Phrenology Magic Palmistry Neo-alchemy Weather forecasting Dowserism Sociology

Pseudo-Science The faith cure Schlatterism Quimbyism Mental healing Christian Science Dowieism Psychotherapy The Emanuel movement Psychoanalysis

Animal magnetism Mesmerism Hypnotism Suggestion

Rosicrucianism The New Thought Sun worship Reincarnation Theosophy Neo-Buddhism Yogiism Mazdaznanism Swamiism Babaism Tingleyism

Shakerism Mysticism Diabolism Holy rolling Billy-Sundayism

Emersonism Pragmatism Transcendentalism Bergsonism Euckenism

Crystal gazing Concentration Divination Entering the silence Umbilicular contemplation Fortune telling

Spook chasing Table tapping Slate writing Psychical Research Spiritualism Levitation Spirit photography Banjo playing Stuffed glove work

Clairvoyance Clairaudience Spiritualism Telepathy Mind reading Sendings Dream messages Voodooism Spell-casting Human sacrifice Sorcery Witchcraft Malicious animal magnetism

Sabbatarianism Puritanism Teetotalism Tobaccophobia Terpsichoreophobia

Boot-legging Home boozing The Webb law Perunaism Prohibition Cocainism Asceticism Paregoricism The coffee souse Wood-alcoholism Preacher-bribinb

Comstockery Vice crusading Snoutery Sex hygiene “Expert” testimony Pornography Theatre censoring Book censoring Slumming The poisoned needle The “white slave” act The Kenyon law

Free trade Free silver The single tax Populism Trust-busting Greenbackism Grangerism Plutophobia The splot infinitive The double negative The celluloid collar

The direct primary The initiative The referendum The recall The short ballot The income tax Mobocracy Commission government Lexowism The minimum wage Old-age pensions The new freedom Grape juice diplomacy Lynching Progressivism The Chautauqua

Equal suffrage Free motherhood The single standard The bachelor tax Eugenics The 10-hour law The slit skirt The peek-a-boo waist Race suicide Trial marriage Feminism The hunger strike Muckraking Divorce Forward-looking Hiking Right-thinking Incendiarism The trading stamp The cigarette The policewoman The cocktail The baby farm Mothers’ pensions

Settlement work Christian Socialism Parlor Socialism Fabianism Tolstoyism Utopianism Marxism The closed shop The boycott Syndicalism Sabotage The general strike Socialism Dynamitism

Communism Polygamy Polyandry The bread line Anti-vivisection Negrophilia Penalogy Maudlinism The Salvation Army Zoophilia

Anarchism Nihilism Nietzscheism Rooseveltism Froebelism Eurythmicism Raffia work Pedagogics Sex education The Montessori method Simplified spelling Child psychology

Carnegieism International peace Nobel prize-winning Impossibilism

Volapük Esperanto Ido International lan- Ro guage Kosmos Spelin Myrana Universala Novilation Idiom neutral

Post-Impressionism Pointillism Impressionism Symbolism Intimism Cubism Orphism

Debussyism The whole-tone scale Schoenbergism Cacophony The glee club Canned music The college yell Futurism Ravelism

Ibsenism The sex play The new drama The Drama League The moving picture Vaudeville The cabaret

Charity Newspaper baiting Honorary degrees Advertising “Honest” politics Press-agentry Ben-Lindseyism Honorary pallbearing Booming