Baltimore Evening Sun (28 October 1913): 6.


From a sketch of the life and times of the Hon. George Arnold Frick, editor of the Democratic Telegram and candidate for the House of Delegates in the Third district:

He is a bachelor.

And with all a bachelor’s traditional virtues: geniality, independence, valor, courtesy, industry, sense. The Democratic Telegram is a testimonial and monument to existence a capella. No father of a noisy and semi-criminal herd of children could ever plan such persuasive and sagacious editorial articles, or put them into such suave and slippery English.

The constitution of man is such that for a long time after he has discovered the incorrectness of the ideas prevailing around him, he shrinks from openly emancipating himself from their domination.—J. W. Draper.

The Hon. Charles J. Bonaparte, boss of the Roosevelt-Perkins-Flynn-Sulzer party in Maryland, in defense of its new hero:

Under these circumstances and in view of the nature of the charges, which involved corrupt motives, and guilty knowledge on his part, no less than mere acts, there seems to be room for an honest and intelligent difference of opinion as to how far these charges can be fairly considered proved, and the writer believes such a difference of opinion exists in fact.

Chief Judge Edgar M. Cullen, president of the Court of impeachment, whose vote, be it remembered, was cast in favor of Sulzer:

I find that the respondent did take advantage of his nomination and candidacy for office to personally enrich himself by diverting the contributions which he might receive for campaign purposes * * * I find that he did verify that by his oath, knowing it to be false * * * These acts of the respondent * * * displayed such ineptitude and delinquency that, if they had been committed during his incumbency of office, I think they would require his removal.

Judge Cullen voted against impeachment on the ground that Sulzer’s thieving and lying were done before he was actually Governor, but there was not the slightest doubt in the Judge’s mind that these offenses against decency and the law were actually committed. His opinion, indeed, offers perfectly plain and valid ground for indicting Sulzer for perjury. But according to the Hon. Mr. Bonaparte, a far better lawyer and a much more sagacious and humane man, there is still room for “an honest and intelligent difference of opinion” as to Sulzer’s guilt!

Well, well, do not laugh! We must allow every man his weakness--and the Hon. Mr. Bonaparte’s is for judging his fellow-men too gently, for erring on the side of charity. It was thus, no doubt, that he found room for “an honest and intelligent difference of opinion” with the rest of the American people in the matter of the Harvester Trust, and again in the matter of the patriotic passion of the Hon. Bill Flynn, and yet again in the matter of the Hon. Theodore Roosevelt’s bogus martyrdom at Chicago.

Honest and intelligent? Ye gods! This is the brand of honesty and this is the brand of intelligence that the Hon. Mr. Bonaparte brings to bear upon all the grave subjects that he presumes to discuss–for example, the question of moral snoutery! He is for the defense in the Sulzer case, and he is for the defense in the Pentz Society case. Let us all thank the fates for the gift of this sapient and penetrating Judge, this super-Greenleaf, this colossus of jurisprudence, this magnificent legal mind!

Vote for the Hon. Stephen C. Little, candidate for re-election as Clerk of the Superior Court, and strike a lick for diligence and competence in office. Why put in a new and untried man when a good man is already there?–Free Adv.

Net result of the moral wave in Kansas, as recorded by the New York World:

A State conference of pastors and teachers in Kansas has brought to public notice that there are upward of a thousand abandoned houses of worship in that State.

But why? Because virtue has filled the State with prosperity, and prosperity has brought carnality in its train. A Vicious circle! First the yokels abolish the saloon, then they get rich thereby, then they buy automobiles, and then they fall for all the deviltries of Babylon. Thus the World describes the awful process:

Too much fat on the land, too much milk and honey in the streams, too many chicken dinners for harvest hands, too many wayside inns where forbidden waters are sweet and though secret are abundant, too many good roads for swift riding where the corn grows high and riders can’t be seen [the policewoman motif!], too many motors for the farmer’s sons–and also for the farmer’s daughters.

The same process, alas, is now in operation on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. As the kaif has gone out, bridge whist and the “tango” have come in. The street lights in Salisbury, Easton and Pocomoke are now kept burning until after 10 P. M. The hired men on the farms are beginning to smoke paper cigarettes and to read Balzac. The folks of the larger towns take to Brieux, cocktails and social hygiene. Scarcely a month goes by that the Shore does not contribute a new and thrilling scandal to the front page of the Sunpaper. Thus virtue turns upon and devours itself! Thus the Old Adam plays tricks on the archangels!

Again the usual and painful separation of Hons. From non-Hons. From a political advertisement in this morning’s Hot Towel:

Hon. James H. Preston, Mayor. Hon. Stephen C. Little. Thomas F. McNulty, Esq. Edgar N. Ash.

If Steve is an Hon., why not Tom? If Tom is an Esq., why not Ed.? And why the “Mayor” after the name of the Hon. D. Harry? Can it be that any sane Democrat doesn’t know that he is Mayor? On October 24 the Towel drew an even worse distinction, to wit:

Hon. James F. Thrift. Murray Vandiver.

Think of dear old Murray robbed of his Hon. after 40 years of constant job-holding! As well reduce Dr. Welch to Mr., or Geheimrat Prof. Dr. John Turner, Jr., to plain Dr.!

Boil your drinking water! Vote for the Hon. Stephen C. Little! Watch Bob come back!

My advice to the Hon. William H. Anderson is that he borrow one of the Pentz Society’s snouters and have the Hon. Ed. Hirsch shadowed. Ed., so I hear, is diligently engaged upon a scheme for inserting a cake of soap beneath the hoofs of the local option bill. The Hon. Blair Lee is not the last of the traitors. The worst is yet to come.