Baltimore Evening Sun (13 October 1913): 6.


Well, well, well! Here is Isaac putting the hellish Sunpaper to the torture again! A long time between bites! The Hon. D. Harry is more ardent, more assiduous–but not less the dare-devil, not less amusing!--Adv.

He shall gnash with his teeth, and melt away.—Psalms, cxii, 10.

The effect of prohibition upon the citizens or a speakeasy State, as described by Gilbert K. Chesterton, the famous English essayist:

  1. He has become a liar, calling things by false names and doing one thing while pretending to do another.
  2. He has become a rebel and a bad citizen, intriguing against the law of his country and the efficiency of its public service.
  3. He has become a coward, shrinking through personal fear of consequences of acts of which he is not morally ashamed.
  4. He has become a most frightful fool, playing a part in an ignominious antic from which his mere physical self-respect could barely recover.

That anonymous anti-vivisectionist whom I denounced as a liar on Saturday returns to the charge in today’s Letter Column with characteristically brave defiances. Added to them is another effort to deceive–to wit, in the Insinuation that experiments upon animals have had nothing to do with improvements in sanitation and the lowering of the general death rate. It is always difficult to determine whether a given anti-vivisectionist is a deliberate deceiver or merely an ignoramus. In this case I leave the question open. But it would be interesting to hear how sanitation could have made progress without antisepsis, and how antisepsis could have been developed without experiment. However, I do not invite the present whooper to provide the evidence. He has not yet answered my charge that he attempted a shameless fraud upon the readers of The Evening Sun. Let us hear from some one with clean hands.

Daily record of my potations, for the information and to the envy of the Hon. Charles Levister:

Total for the week ended at midnight last night:

Analysis of the above sworn (and honest) record: