Baltimore Evening Sun (25 August 1913): 6.


From “The New Unionism,” by the Hon. André Tridon, page 57:

Radical lawyers * * * a beautiful harvest by managing the legal end of labor disputes * * * Certain labor groups * * * pay their legal adviser a fee of 50 cents a member. A successful radical lawyer often earns more than a successful corporation lawyer, and he can always blame unfair capitalist magistrates for the cases he loses.

The chronic method of uplifters. All persons who refuse to swallow their buncombe are liars and thieves. All persons who swallow and get over it are venal and self-seeking.

A DAILY THOUGHT. A fool was bitten by many fleas. He put out the light and said, “Now you can no longer see me.”–L. Annaeus Lucanus.

Despite the almost supernatural talents of the Hon. Dashing Harry and the virtuous wind-music of the Hon. Sunday-school Field, LL. D., Baltimore seems to be in for the usual autumnal bout with typhoid fever. The new filtration plant, it is predicted, will cut typhoid down–but the new filtration plant will not be in operation for at least another year. Beside, there is grave doubt that it will accomplish the miracle some of its advocates look for. Impure water is by no mcans the only vehicle for the transmission of typhoid, and in more than one city with a good filtration plant the disease still flourishes. Washington is a shining example. Nor does bad milk deserve to bear all the rest of the blame. The truth is that much of the typhoid prevalent in Baltimore is probably propagated by home nursing. When the Germans began their war upon the disease the first thing they did was to isolate all existing patients. Isolation, as every physician knows, is seldom effective in the home--that is to say, so long as it depends upon voluntary effort. What we need, perhaps, is a law quarantining typhoid, as smallpox, diphtheria and other such maladies are now quarantined.

Meanwhile, the prudent Baltimorean will take the advice of Dr. Gorter and have himself vaccinated. Typhoid vaccination is no longer an experiment. Its enormous success in the army and navy has been repeated on a colossal scale in private practice, and there is now not the slightest doubt that it confers a decided immunity. What is more, it is wholly harmless, and causes little inconvenience. The vaccine is not inserted by scraping the arm, as in smallpox vaccination, but with the hypodermic syringe. The operation takes one minute, causes no pain and draws no blood. And the after-effects are usually very slight--a negligible swelling of the arm and 24 hours of mild malaise. The same proceeding is repeated a week later and again after another week. The resultant immunity lasts at least three years, and probably six or seven.

In smallpox vaccination live organisms are used, and the effort is to produce an active case of cowpox. But in typhoid vaccination, the typhoid germs are safely dead, and so they can do no harm. Dead, too, are any foreign organisms that may have accidentally contaminated the vaccine. Thorefore, there is not the slightest risk that the patient will be inoculated with anthrax, delirium tremens, tapeworms, tuberculosis, the blind staggers, or any other of the fearful diseases the anti-vaccinationists ascribe to smallpox vaccination. After nearly 100,000 inoculations in the army, there is not a single report of contanination. Nor has a. single patient suffered serious injury from typhoid vaccine itself.

As vaccination for typhoid is gradually extended in Baltimore, the disease will decrease, and the Hon. Dashing Harry, no doubt, will give all the credit to his water plans. But in the meantime, thousnads of Baltimoreans have neglected to be vaccinated, and before Christmas a good many of them will be in Loudon Park. The way to avoid personal participation in that emigration is to be vaccinated at once. Let the Christian Scientists and New Thoughters take the risk. The more intelligent man will listen to the advice of physicians who have actually studied medicine, particularly when they recommend something which deprives them of many entertaining and profitable cases.

The Hon. William H. Anderson, that gay deceiver, plays a charactristic trick in today’s Letter Column. That is to say, he dodges all my painstaking and costly evidence that prohibition has converted Maine into a hog-pen, and brings forward a lot of highly dubious evidence that it has convorted Kansas into a paradise. The truth is, of course, that his witness is unreliable and his facts are bosh. No sane newspaper man takes the Philadelphia North American seriously; it is sworn to the cause of Roosevelt and buncombe, and argues for all the other Bull Moose perunas just as eloquently as it argues for Prohibition. In the last campaign it tried to rid Pennsylvania of Penrose--and set up Flynn! Such is the uplift!

As for the claim that Kansas has no paupers, it is empty nonsense. The truth is that the Bughouse State, with its speak-easies, has just as many paupers as any wet State in the Middle West, but that its people, since enlisting for the uplift, have been too stingy to pay for their keep. As for the prosperity of Kansas, it is more than matched by the prosperity of various wet States–for example, Illinois. And as for illiteracy, the fine showing of the Bughouse State is largely an appearance. It stands high for the simple reason that its population is made up almost entirely of native whites, with few immigrants or negroes. Maine and Georgia, both safely dry, have relatively high percentages of illiteracy, the first on account of the foreign invasion, and the second on account of the negro. Taking the Southern dry States as a group, indeed, they show almost double the illiteracy of any other group.

From the estimable Valley Register of Middletown, Md., a sturdy champion of the Hon. William H. Anderson:

Pleading guilty to horse-stealing, [the Hon.] J. C. Russell, once Prohibition candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis, was sentenced to his third term in the penitentiary, beside six terms in the workhouse, for drunkenness.

One less shining face at the great Columbus shindig!--Liquor Ring Adv.

Read the Maryland Suffrage News! Save 25 coupons and get a lithograph of the Hon. Charles J. Bonaparte!–Adv.

The self-same fatal day will see the triumph of the Hon. Goose Grease Altfeld and the scotching of the Hon. Blair Lee!

Boil your drinking water! Forward the vice crusade! Read Geddes and die!