Baltimore Evening Sun (26 September 1912): 6.


Salisbury, Md., Sept. 26. The torpedo boat Trippe, bearing Kid Price and his corps of handlers and lawyers, dropped anchor in Salisbury roads at 6.33 o’clock last night and was given a salute of 101 guns by the shore batteries. The ship was immediately surrounded by bumboatmen selling roast sweet potatoes, ginger pop and maple sugar, and it was with some difficulty that the captain’s gig was lowered and the landing of the passengers begun. In the first boatload came five head of lawyers and six large bales of writs, bills, prayers, pleas and injunctions.

The Kid himself landed at 6.51, accompanied by Young Bellis, Kid Zihlman and Rattling Speicher. He was at once ushered to a waiting fiacre and driven to his camp by John Smith, the popular hack driver. Arrived there, he partook of a meal of fried beefsteak, roast sweet potatoes and cornbread and soon afterward turned in for the night. At the request of Young Bellis, Chief of Police Disharoon threw a cordon of 20 alert cops around the camp, that the rest of the gladiator might be undisturbed. Half a dozen darky boys from the Moorish faubourge of Jersey, Cuba and Georgetown were arrested for disorderly conduct at the campground and taken to the calaboose. Mayor Kennerly announces that good order must and shall be maintained and has directed Chief Disharoon to see to it.

Though the Kid and Young Anderson will not meet until Friday afternoon, Salisbury is already filling up with visitors. More than 100 sporting farmers from the Nanticoke delta came in this morning and have gone into camp at the end of Division street. Beginning tomorrow afternoon excursion trains will arrive almost hourly from Mardela Springs, Athel, Jesterville, Loretto, Ironshire, Bestpitch, Dames Quarter, Clara, Oriole and other nearby points.

The Elmer Cook Athletic and Literary Club, of East Berlin, has engaged 50 $10 seats at the ringside and will arrive Friday morning on No. 6, in charge of Capt. Lafe Johnson, the genial conductor. The members will be accompanied by their mascot, a Russian wolfhound, and by the Harry von Tilzer Silver Cornet Band, of Whaleysville. Prof. Nels Jones, holder of the Police Gazette B-flat clarinet belt and champion of the Peninsula, will conduct. It is the plan of Professor Jones to perform “I’m the Guy” fortissimo at the moment Kid Price’s mighty right hook connects with the vitals of Young Anderson.

There will be no lack of music at the ringside. In addition to this Whaleysville Band, there will be bands present from Snow Hill, Crisfield, Easton, Princess Anne and Georgetown, Del. The Appolinaris Athletic Club, of Deals Island, a strong local-option organization, will bring its fife and drum corps, and the Mozart Cornet Quartet, of Denton, will bring Prof. Ned Tubbs, the famous long-distance cornetist who once stood on the shore of Hoopers Island and blew a blast audible to the naked ear at Point Lookout. The Mozart Quartet usually gets $5 a night for playing and sometimes as much as $7.50, but on the present occasion it will give its services free. All it has asked for is seven complimentary tickets, one for each of the seven members of the quartet.

Besides these volunteers, many professional entertainers are flocking into the town. Last night, for example, th Swiss Bellringers gave a show at the opera house, playing to standing room and receipts of $104.35. This afternoon the Cougar George Wild West Show and associated menagerles will exhibit on a lot at the end of William street, and tonight Prof. James W. Jamison, professor of comparative philology, elocution and international politics at Snodgrass University, Gardnerville, Ind., will lecture on “Whither Drifts the Republic?” Professor Jamison is a converted drunkard and plays beautifully on the concertina and his lecture is said to be illustrated with many excellent colored photographs of the Holy Land. As an added attraction he will hypnotize Salambo, the Arabian Princess, and exhibit a collection of poisoned arrowheads from the Cannibal Islands.

Today is a busy day in the Price camp. The Kid arose at 6.03 this morning and after a plunge in the Wicomico river took a walk to Parsonburg and return. He was attended by Young Bellis and Battling Speicher in an automobile. On his return he ate a hearty breakfast of ham and eggs, string beans and peach cake and then put in an hour with the punching bag. At the request of Young Bellis, Chief Disharoon has established police lines around the camp so that the curious may not interfere with the training. Old Aunt Amelia, who was cook in the family of Gov. Enoch L. Lowe in 1852, has been engaged to superintend the culinary department, and she is ably seconded by Leander Johnson, colored, for many years head waiter and night watchman at the Peninsula Hotel.

After dinner this afternoon the Kid and some of his friends took a short walk in the town. When they stopped at Dr. Tolson’s drug store for soda water a large crowd collected, but Officer William J. Binks, Jr., of Chief Disharoon’s traffic squad, fought his way into the store and released the distinguished visitors. After they had returned to camp the crowd lingered to look at the spot where they had stood, but Officer Binks issued orders that everybody move on, and at this writing he has things well in hand. There is much talk of promoting Officer Binks to a sergeantcy for his good work.

According to present plans, Young Anderson and his trainers will arrive on No. 4, at 6.14 this evening. If No. 4 is late, they will probably arrive later. They will go into camp on the Hawkins lot, at the end of Camden street, but several of the more aged and feeble of the sportsmen will stop at the Peninsula Hotel. It is announced by Young Cochran, who is in charge of Anderson’s training, that Anderson will remain in camp until it is time to go to the ringside. Kid Mills, another Anderson trainer, today ordered 40 rolls of aseptic gauze, a large sponge and two kegs of painkiller at Dr. Collier’s drug store. As Charlie Snoggs, the genial clerk, was wrapping the things up Mr. Mills said: “Them are for Kid Price.” Charlie has been telling it all around town and everybody is laughing, some pro and some con.

Nobody here takes any stock in the Kid’s charge that Young Anderson is planning to pack the arena with Baraca class ruffians. It is a campaign roorback and nothing more. Chief Disharoon will see to it that no rough-house is pulled off. At the first sign of a disturbance he and his popular officers will sail in, armed to the teeth with hickory sticks, and woe betide the man who tries to resist their lawful authority! Not that Chief Disharoon wants to hurt anybody, but Salisbury is jealous of her good name.