Baltimore Evening Sun (25 September 1912): 6.



Attorney-General Decides
He Has Power To For-
bid Brutal Exhibition.


Public Sentiment Demands That
Salisbury Be Rid Of Its Horde
Of Ruffians.

But don’t get the notion, beloved, that the promoters of the mill are worrying. Far from it, indeed. They have all the “well-known” business men on their side, they have engaged a competent staff of “leading” lawyers–and they give their firm faith and trust to jurisprudence, that occult and lovely science. The courts will see them through. They will throw themselves upon the broad bosom of the Common Law. They will wrap the mantle of the Constitution about them and lie down to pleasant dreams.

Down in Salisbury, according to my field agents and ferrets, public sentiment is unanimously in favor of the meeting. The merchants there have already made lucrative contracts for the supply of hay, oats, condition powders, hoof-grease, arnica, Peruna, sticking plaster and aseptic cotton to the two camps. The hotels are filling with sporting farmers from the adjacent steppes. A one-ring circus, a lecturer on “The Destiny of the Republic” and a troupe of Swiss bellringers will keep the crowd in town after the combat is over. The price of red lemonade has jumped to six cents a glass. Main, Division, Camden and William streets are knee deep in peanut shells.

Yes; the bout will go on. There will be no interference. Both sides have lawyers on the job. Young Anderson and his party will leave Young Cochran’s training camp tomorrow afternoon, travelling by special train. Kid Price and his handlers left Marley crick at daylight this morning and should be in Salisbury by nightfall. The day’s bulletins:

Marley Crick, Sept. 25, 6.20 A. M.--Kid Price and his handlers went aboard the torpedo boat Trippe at 6.06 o’clock and the anchor was weighed at 6.16. In the party were Kid Bellis, Battling Carey, Young Cook, Young Zihlman, Charlie Andrew, Knockout Trippe and 18 head of lawyers. The Kid ate a hearty breakfast of ham and eggs and said he looked forward with a clear conscience to the solemn event of Friday.

Magothy Light, 10.14 A. M.–Passed: torpedo boat Trappe for Salisbury.

Sandy Point, 10.22 A. M.--Passed: unidentified torpedo boat flying black flag.

Racketts Point Light, 10.49 A. M.--Torpedo boat Trippe passed at 10.44. Saluted by ships of Atlantic fleet lying off Annapolis.

On board T. B. Trappe, off Poplar Island, 11.21 A. M. (by Marconi wireless).--All well.

On board T. B. Trappe off mouth Choptank river, 12.03 P. M. (by Marconi wireless).-- Dinner: fried chicken, lima beans, sliced tomatoes, chocolate eclairs, coffee. All well.

Salisbury, Md., 1.55 P. M.–Main street is crowded with farmers who have come in to see the arrival of the Price party. Erection of tent on Chautauqua lot begun at daylight this morning under the direction of Iron-Head Sweeney, late boss canvasman with Barnum & Bailey. A few peasants have already lighted up, but good order prevails.

Sharp’s Island, 2.56 P. M.--Passed: torpedo boat Trippe for Salisbury. Signals all well. Regards to Harry Wolf. Jim Dawkins, please write.

Col. Jacobus Hook, on his late invasion of the principalities beyond the seas:

And I am only sorry that I forgot to have placed on my card my personal business–dealer in * * * tallow.

Business? What a vulgarism! Rather say art, vocation, craft [not “graft,” O Printer!!!], artifice, gift, talent, endowment, forte, passion. Tallowing, like bass-fiddle playing, is a recondite and ineffable science. It demands a keen eye, a feathery touch, a sound stomach. To call it a business, a trade, a lowly geschaeft, is to slander and degrade it.

The Rev. E. L. Hubbard, D. D, as reported by the estimable Evening Newspaper:

Blow a hole in gambling and drive it right down to hell!

Add the Rev. Dr. Hubbard to the Hon. Satan Anderson’s corps of handlers. A forthright and fortissimo fellow.

Grand opera. prices in the city of Hamburg, as given in the Daily Consular and Trade Reports:

First floor and first balcony............................$1.66
Second balcony (middle seats)...........................1.07
Second balcony (side seate)............................83
Third balcony............................55
Gallery (front rows)............................41
Gallery (back rows)............................29
Standing room (first floor)............................35
Standing room (gallery)............................17

These prices are for first-class performances, i. e., for the big operas sung by stars. When less elaborate works are given and no great star appears, the prices are reduced about one- seventh. At so-called popular matinees the best seats cost 71 cents and gallery tickets go for 18 cents, with 10 cents for standing room. No Hamburger is ever so poor that he can’t afford to hear good opera.

To help support this opera house the city of Hamburg grants it $12,000 a year. The manager pays no taxes, but for water and light which are supplied by the city, he must pay as much as any one else. Altogether the enterprise probably costs the city $15,000 a year. This is about one-quarter the cost of Baltimore’s Great White Way, one of the chief effects of which, so far, according to the Vice Crusaders, has been to facilitate the debauching of children.

Ah, that the Hon. Phillips Leel Goldsborough and the Hon. James Harry Preston might be melted down into one perfect man, with the Hon. Mr.. Goldsborough’s good intentions and the Hon. Mr. Preston’s vigor and. resourcefulness!

The Havre de Grace deacons must now feel almost as innocent as the estimable ex-sheriffs. The courts forever! Long live the Constitution!

Boil your drinking water! Cover your garbage can! Three cheers for jurisprudence!

As full of excuses an a Havre de Grace vestryman. * * *

Among the prominent New Yorkers still in residence at Havre de Grace are the Hon. MM:

Louie the Lift, Juice Johnson,
Iron-Skull Mahony, George the Blood Nose,
Abe the Shark, White Slave John,
John the Stonehead, The Sing-Sing Bully.